LickiMat Splash

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LickiMat Splash

LickiMat Splash is an attachable LickiMat with a suction cup designed to attach to smooth wall surfaces and bath tubs. Splash is designed for use with soft and spreadable dog treats.

Splash is all about keeping your pet focused, relaxed and still when:
bathing, grooming, removing burrs or when you or the vet is inspecting or tending to your pet.  Make sure you use your pet's favourite spreadable treat.

All LickiMat Splash are dishwasher safe, so you can even wash them in the lower tray; they are microwave friendly, so you can cook meals in the microwave; they are freezer-friendly, so you can freeze treats on them; and they are easy to hand-wash in the sink. They are all made from human food-grade Natural Rubber.


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