Trixie Snack Ball - Red

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Trixie Snack Ball - Red

Maze Treat Ball for medium-sized dogs.

  • Stimulates your pets mind & exercise their body
  • Provides mental & physical stimulation ensuring extra entertainment and the ball rolls quietly and bounces
  • Helps to solve behaviour problems by relieving boredom - it will provide long time amusement due to the integrated labyrinth inside the ball
  • Fill with treats for your dog to sniff out - snacks will fall out from the rolling motion and stir up the pet's interest
  • Fill with water then freeze for that interesting Chew toy on a hot summer day
  • Made with premium-quality natural rubber in either pink or blue.

Supervise your pet while playing!  Do not allow your dog to chew up the toy.  This is often a sign of the dog feeling frustrated and/or overtaxed.


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