Retro Blanket - Double Layer Fleece

Retro Blanket - Double Layer Fleece

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Double Layer Fleece - Retro Blanket 

This lovely double layer fleece has a fun granny square pattern - it's so well done that it reminds me of the blanket my nana used to crochet when I was growing up. The double layer fleeces are great for keeping your hound warm in the cold weather. The fleece can be reversed if you prefer.

Four colour options for the underneath layer: Retro Blanket, Royal blue fleece, Green fleece or Black fleece

The coats are made of polar fleece which is warm, lightweight and easy to care for. They have adjustable ties around the tummy so have quite a bit of flexibility in the sizing. They are designed to hang over the tail slightly for maximum warmth.

    To find the right size, measure your hound along their spine from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.  Please take a look at the sizing chart to ensure you are getting the correct size for your beloved hound. 

    Washing instructions: Cold machine wash; normal spin; line dry only.

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