Merino PJ Black

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Merino PJ

No more struggling to get your Greyhound's paws and head through and worrying about hurting them or you!  These PJs have easy open snaps from the neck to half way down your Greyhound's back.  Just open these up, put over your hounds head and gently lift your hound's front paws into the sleeves and connect the snaps!

Pull down to cover your hounds bottom and they're all set for the night.  These PJs also have a half chest covering that's not too close to the back end for the boys!

Merino has a slight stretch so that it will work well with your hound's movements while wearing them.  On cooler nights these can easily be layered with a single fleece to provide additional warmth.

It's recommended to turn the PJ inside out and hand wash in lukewarm water. Lie flat to dry to prevent stretching.

Quality 100% Merino - 165gsm  Made in NZ

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