Wool Dog Bed - XL Soft Sac

Wool Dog Bed - XL Soft Sac

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XL Soft Sac Dog Bed

Pet Care's quality manufacturing process uses a spun bond fabric liner with soft natural NZ wool fill for extra insulation and ultimate comfort. This is enclosed by a durable and washable polyester outer lining.

Soft Sacs are ideal beds for Greyhounds. They are soft, warm and comfortable and allow your hound to stretch out or snuggle up depending on the weather! They will shape to the pets posture and needs - which makes them excellent for pets suffering from arthritis or recovering from surgery. They are a great alternative for pets that prefer wool to bean or fibre filled beds.

Available in two sizes and a variety of colours. These beds are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

The XL size measures 80x100cm and is perfect for most hounds.

These beds are dispatched straight from the New Zealand manufacturer and take up to 7-10 working days for delivery.

Washing recommendation for wool fill inner - delicate wash by hand. Our recommendation is do it in a bath or shower tray & keep it as flat as possible through both the wash & drying processes. This will ensure the fill doesn't bunch to one side or end. The drying takes the time & obviously fine warm weather draped over a clothes rack is best.

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