BESPOKE Upcycled Pastel Plaid - Wool/Flannelette Double Layer Coat ONLY ONE MEDIUM AVAILABLE!

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 BESPOKE Upcycled Pastel Plaid - Double Layer Wool/Flannelette Coat

This beautiful bespoke coat has the top layer made from an upcycled wool blanket that has been repurposed into this designer coat. The lining is cotton flannelette in a gorgeous pastel rainbow swirl pattern.  This coat has been lovingly created by one of our wonderful GAP supporters, it is also great for our planet having reused quality wool fabric instead of sending it to landfill.

The Greyhound coat has been designed to hang over the tail slightly for maximum warmth, it has a wide snood and a belly belt which is fixed with velcro. Your Greyhound will not only be lovely and warm, they will also be the envy of the Greyhound community in this one!

Measuring approximately 74cm from the base of the neck to the end of the coat, this will suit a Medium size hound.

To find the right size, measure your hound along their spine from base of the neck to base of the tail, please take a look at the sizing chart to ensure you are getting the correct size for your beloved hound. 

Washing instructions: Cold machine wash; normal spin; line dry only.

Handmade in NZ.

Upcycled wool blanket material may include imperfections.

Please note, there is a small hole in the outer layer of the snood as per the last photo, the price has been reduced accordingly. 

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