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Back by popular demand!  These new vests are a great accessory for any GAP supporting hound.

Handmade in New Zealand with quality breathable cotton drill these can be worn on their own or easily over a sport, single or double fleece.

A new design* allows for hound owners to easily adjust the vest to sit comfortably on their hound with durable poly-cotton ties on the chest that can be tied in a knot or bow.  The same ties are also used on the underbelly with two stainless steel d-rings to easily thread through and tighten.

- Step one: pull through both d-rings

- Step two: open up d-rings and go back over one d-ring and through the other d-ring 

- Step three: pull d-rings together and thread tie back through both rings and loop - pull tight

*This new design allows the vest to sit nicely on your hound without flopping to one side.  It also means the elastic doesn't stretch and the velcro (from old design) doesn't scratch your hound or get fur and bits stuck in it!

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