Woofas Barkery Festive Christmas Cracker

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Festive Christmas Cracker - Meat Free

It is the simplest things at Christmas that bring about the most joy.  Christmas Crackers I think rank at the top of the list.

Filled with bad jokes, tiny objects and filmsy hats these silly things we share with loved ones bring about the biggest smiles, laughter and a true sense of togetherness.  These embody the magic of Christmas. 

Our dogs provide us with this magic throughout the year and now we can share this tradition with them, bring their smiles and share their love with their very own Christmas Cracker! 

This is our Meat Free version of our festive favourites and include Candy Cane (strawberry & mint), Ginger Bread (ginger & cinnamon), Roast Chick (chickpea's, oregano & thyme), and All the Trimmings (pumpkin, carrot, beetroot & turmeric).  

Each Cracker includes two of each treat and can be given directly to your pooch.  There is no bang, nor plastic, just recycled paper, twine, paper tube and TREATS. 

Now you and your dog can share this tradition & bring a smile to their face this Christmas. 

Ingredients: each treat is made from the following base with ingredients noted above added to create each individual flavour;  beauregard kumara, buckwheat flour, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, organic coconut oil and New Zealand kelp.