Summer Hound Summer Band - Floral

Summer Hound Summer Band - Floral

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Summer Hound Summer Band - Floral

The summer heat can be harsh to our pooches. Us hoomans can easily sweat all over our body as our cooling system, our floofers can only rely on their nose for panting and their paw pads to sweat to cool down.

We have our Summer Hound Summer Bandana to help keep your pooches cooler for longer. Soaking the band in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes will activate the cooling beads and gel in the band. By wrapping the band around your pooches’ neck will help cool them down on a hot day. Even better, this band can stay cool for hours!

Once done, wipe it with a dry cloth and hang to dry.

Note: cooling beads are safe and non-toxic but we recommend not letting your floofers chew on them

Measurements: 100 cm*5 cm

Fabric: Cotton

Cooling material: Crystalline polymer beads

Handmade by a GAP supporter - Summer Hound.