Teal, Green & Red Snuffle Mat

Teal, Green & Red Snuffle Mat

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Snuffle Mat - Teal, Green & Red

This hand-made snuffle mat has been made by one of our greyhound supporters and is perfect to keep your hound busy. They not only provide entertainment but also mental stimulation and enrichment as they search and snuffle through the thick fleece.

Just break up one of their favourite dry food treats and hide the pieces around the mat for them to snuffle around and find the hidden treats buried - a great option for those rainy days when a sniffari isn't possible.

These mats are made with a durable rubber mat base and tied on tight are strong quality new fleece strips. The snuffle mats are easy to clean - just wash down with warm soapy water and hang upside down in the sun to dry.

Size of the mat is approximately 35cm x 35cm with over 144 pieces of thick new fleece to search through.