Pink Tag Collar

Pink Tag Collar

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Pink Tag Collar

Many greyhounds have multiple martingale collars so it can be a pain having
to keep swapping the council registration tags from one collar to another. Having the
council tag permanently on a tag collar then makes it easier to swap between
martingale collars.

Tag collars are perfect for wearing around the house - should your hound escape, at least they still have their council tag on!  Sometimes martingale collars can be heavy around a hounds neck especially for older hounds or those with smaller delicate necks.

The collar circumference can be adjusted with the largest measurement being approximately 16-17 inches (41-43cm). The collars are 1 inch wide.

They come with a small D-ring that  can be used to attach your council registration tag or name and contact details.

Please note - these collars have been made to hold tags only.  They are not designed to be used for walking or attaching a lead to.