For Fox Sake 25mm Lead - Bow Wow

For Fox Sake 25mm Lead - Bow Wow

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25mm Lead - For Fox Sake

This 25mm For Fox Sake double ended lead from Bow Wow Boutique is made with sealed grosgrain ribbon and rustproof hardware. The pattern is of a cute red fox design. Buy the matching collar (while available). This is a lovely lead for any hound. 

These incredible leads make walking so versitile! Walk hands free by attaching the lead around your waist or walk 2 dogs at once.

Popping into the dairy? Attach them to a post without removing the clip from their collar.

There are 3 points of attachment to have your dog at different lengths.

Short Length: Approx. 102cm
Mid Length: Approx. 142cm
Long Length: Approx. 172cm

The leads are made in New Zealand using quality polypropylene webbing, durable and strong metal hardware, and grosgrain ribbon. They are triple stitched on pressure points for strength to ensure safety.