2024 Greyhounds as Pets Calendar

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2024 Greyhounds as Pets Calendar

It's that time of year again to get a copy of your favourite Greyhound calendar - the perfect gift for all Greyhound lovers. This wonderful calendar features some great photos of Greyhounds doing what they can only do best!

A big thank you to Becky Brinch for putting our calendar together again this year. 

2024 fabulous Greyhound models include...

Front Cover -Daisy (Looking Snatched) 
January -Fern (Bigtime Porsche), -Maggie(Cosmic Pearl), -Wyatt (Unraced)

February -Simba (Unraced), 

March -Lara (Opawa Lara), -Foxey (Flame Able Fox), -Nina (Paris Bandit)

April -Eva Dog (Homebush Ivana)

May -Dori (Girl Midori), -Flynn (Knocka Rush) & Maverick (Dyna Trev), -Callie (Squeak, Unraced)

June -Venus(Unraced)

July -Detour (Bookie Monster), -Brooke (Magical Machine), -Graham (Loose Donald)

August -Lola (Kiribati Girl)

September -Leo (Wedgewood Warrior), -Mouse (Neddy Seagoon), -Teddy (Sly Bet)

October -Katy B (Kay Tuesso)

November -Gem (Laudable), -Doris (Unraced), -ZinZan

December -Basil (Unraced), -Ozzie (Unraced), -Buzz (Sovereign Pride)

Back Cover -Shelby (Teddy), -Bruno (Bruno Barbarelli), -Lucy (Blue Cosmic)